Proclaiming God’s Word at the U.S. Capitol

“It never gets old . . .”
Every year, when I step up to the podium – with the U.S. Capitol looming over me – and open my Bible to read Scripture, I get chills knowing that God’s Word is being proclaimed in the epicenter of our nation’s capital. As many of our faithful Bible readers over the years have said, “It never gets old!”
We launched the 2017 Annual U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon on Sunday, April 30th with a prayerful, and yes, joyful, Opening Ceremony. We were joined by pastors, youth, heads of organizations, and an audience who braved the heat to celebrate the power of the Gospel and our freedom to read it aloud in the midst of our Nation’s Capitol.
Today we are on Day 3 of our Bible Reading Marathon and we ask that you join us in praying for all those who are giving of their time to read Scripture (especially for those wonderful souls who are reading in the wee overnight hours) that they would be strengthened and that the Lord would use them to plant the seed of faith in all those who hear the Word of God being proclaimed.  
If you can help us by supporting the U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon financially with a gift of $75, $150, $250, $500 or $1,000 we would be grateful. Simply donate by CLICKING HERE.   
Thank you for helping us make the Bible come alive at the U.S. Capitol!

On Behalf of Your Faith & Action Ministry Team,

Mrs. Peggy Nienaber
Vice President of Operations
Faith and Action in the Nation’s Capital