Our Largest Crowd in 28 Years

After speaking to our President, Rev. Rob Schenck, on the thrilling impact of the Closing Ceremony of the Bible Reading Marathon, he excitedly observed:
“While inside the Congress was wrestling with one of the most contentious pieces of legislation ever—the repeal of Obamacare; with members actually calling each other names and impugning each others’ motives—outside peace filled the air with the beautiful sounds of prayers, the reading of the Word of God [with its hope of Jesus’ soon return], and the gorgeous, harmonious voices of young people, echoing off the gleaming marble as they sang out praises to the Lord. The tone of the two settings couldn’t have been more different, but when it came to outside the Capitol, it couldn’t have been more joyful and hope-filled! What an inspiration – and what a reminder of just how great our God truly is!”
Yes, the reading of the Word of God was a stark contrast to the usual contentious voices that fill the Capitol and all of Washington, D.C. This year’s Closing Ceremony attracted the largest crowd we have seen in our 28 years of sponsoring the U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon! In fact, in its entirety, this year’s Marathon was the most exciting and impacting event that I have witnessed.
Thanks to you, our supporters, we were able to bring this important program once again to Capitol Hill!
Time and again, we were told by those who had signed up to read, that they had chills reading the Word of God in the heart of our nation’s capital city. Several said that when they were done reading they just couldn’t help but smile. We had congressional leaders, pastors, ministry leaders, business leaders, government staffers, grandparents, moms, dads, young adults, and even kids take a turn reading Scripture over five days.   
As exciting as it was to see the level of involvement in the event, that paled compared to those who stopped to listen! Every cross section of society stopped in front of the Capitol to hear the Word of God read unabashedly. Even in the dead of night, with the light of the Capitol behind the podium, God’s Word pierced the darkness and touched the hearts of the curious, the lonely, and the stressed out government employee working late into the night.
It is our hope and prayer that the seed of faith has been planted into the hearts of those who heard the Word of God spoken in front of the U.S. Capitol.  
Hosting, organizing events of this magnitude and importance are only possible with your support! We need your help to continue this and outreaches like it. Please consider supporting us with a gift of $100, $250 or even a $1,000 so that we may continue this important work. Simply mail in your gift to Faith and Action at 109 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002. Or you may call in your donation to Patty Bills, at (202-546-8329).
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Thank you again for all you do to help us share the Gospel in Washington, D.C.!

On Behalf of Your Faith & Action Ministry Team,

Mrs. Peggy Nienaber
Vice President of Operations
Faith & Action in the Nation’s Capital

P.S. As you know, on the National Day of Prayer, Faith & Action sponsors the only annual prayer observance on the plaza of the Supreme Court building, the seat of the judicial branch of the federal government! We are happy to say that this year we saw the largest participating crowd in prayer at our Daybreak event in all the years that we have been conducting this important event!


If you missed our Annual Bible Reading Marathon– here it is! The Closing Ceremony live-streamed via CBN News