Faith & Action Easter Outreach 2017

“In spite of what we see in the media, Congress is made up of real people, human beings with the same spiritual needs as everyone else. For them, the Easter season is, as it is for most of the rest of us, a special time when they’re thinking of God and spiritual things in an unusual way. We want to touch them with the GOSPEL at that moment,” said Rev. Rob Schenck, President and Lead Missionary at Faith & Action.

Each Easter, our missionary team arranges the hand-delivery of a special Easter packet to every one of the 535 members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. In this way, we share the Good News of Christ’s resurrection power to forgive sin with all our lawmakers–and, we give them a way to remember that message all year long! We’re thankful to have our wonderful student interns help put together a special letter and special inaugural gospel booklet to be hand-delivered to congress members. If you’re interested in receiving an inaugural gospel booklet, please contact Patty at 202-734-8732 or email [email protected]

Rev. Schenck explains, “When it comes to making deliveries to Congress, we must be very careful to adhere to the rules that control what items of value a member of Congress can ethically or legally receive. We need to be prayerfully creative because the physical presentation of the packet needs to reflect the substance of its message, but it can’t be construed as exceeding a certain very low dollar value. Congressional staff people often use that threshold as an excuse to reject the packet. We don’t ever want to give them that excuse, or give critics ammunition to attack recipients.”