The Confirmation Process to Becoming a Supreme Court Justice

Judge Neil M. Gorsuch was nominated a couple of weeks ago by President Trump to fill the vacancy on the United States Supreme Court – a position that was held by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  

The next step in the nomination process, which started last week, is that Judge Gorsuch will meet with as many senators as possible within an allowed time frame. Usually, the nominee meets with the opposing senators first, something that we have witnessed first-hand on Capitol Hill this past week!  

Sometime soon, Judge Gorsuch will face a series of hearings in which both the nominee and other witnesses make statements and answer questions before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is often a grueling experience for the candidate, which can last hours each day.  Though Faith and Action does not endorse a nominee, we are actively praying with and for the judge as well as the senators and everyone involved in the process. Our team will be present at the confirmation hearings and report back as they move forward.

Once the Senate Judiciary Committee finishes their inquiry, they will report out to the entire Senate who will then consider and vote on the nominee. A simple majority vote is required to confirm or to reject a nominee, but a successful filibuster could threaten the vote. If a filibuster occurs, 60 votes are needed in favor of cloture, which would allow debate to end and force a final vote on the confirmation.

Once the Senate confirms the nomination by an affirmative vote, the Secretary of the Senate attests to a resolution of confirmation and transmits it to the White House. The President then prepares and signs a commission, and affixes the Seal of the United States Department of Justice before the new Supreme Court Justice can take office.

A ceremony is held in which the Justice must take the Constitutional Oath. The final ceremony is when the Justice appears at the U.S. Supreme Court with the President and the rest of the Justices on the High Court to take his seat.

Each step of the way during the Nomination Process, your Faith and Action team will be present — praying and relaying information to you, our support team, so that you can be informed and pray with us over this critical time in history.