Jerusalem Day on Capitol Hill

Yesterday in the Rayburn House Office Building, we celebrated Jerusalem Day on Capitol Hill. We joined with members of Congress, the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus, as well as Jewish & Christian leaders to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.

28th Annual U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon: Closing Ceremony

Hundreds of volunteers from across the nation participated in this year’s 28th Annual U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon. Peggy Nienaber concluded the Bible reading marathon alongside Rev. Michael Hall, Dave Kistler, Nate Kistler, and other supporting pastors. There were performances by Liberty University’s “Shine.” The Color Guard and Flag Ceremony was performed by the American Heritage Troop and Trail Life USA Troop. Special thanks to all the volunteers and supporters of this year’s U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon.


National Day of Prayer – Supreme Court (2017)

We held our annual prayer service at the Supreme Court. Our prayer service is the only observance of the National Day of Prayer at the seat of the Judicial Branch of The United States.

Only a few years ago, leading a service like this would be enough to get you arrested and charged with a federal offense.

We prayed for the judicial branch, the nine justices, and for the 850 federal judges under them. We hope that you’ll say a prayer as well!

“Washington – A Man of Prayer” Event Recap (2017)

Last night, we joined with members of Congress, Christian leaders, and people of faith to honor George Washington as a man of Christian faith. Prayers were delivered on behalf of the nation, our President and his Cabinet, the Supreme Court and its Justices, and members of Congress during the sixth annual “Washington – A Man of Prayer” service in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall. Speaker Paul Ryan opened the event and Senator Steve Daines, R-Mont., and Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Mich., served as honorary hosts.

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Faith Comes from Hearing through the Word of Christ

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”

– Romans 10:17

Faith & Action is a missionary team who seeks to show the love of Christ (and bring the truth of the Gospel) to all who work on Capitol Hill.  
One of the ways we plant the seed of God’s Word in the hearts of those on Capitol Hill is through our National Bible Reading Marathon! The U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon is exactly that – a time when the entire Bible, Genesis to Revelation, is read out loud and without interruption from the famous West Terrace of the U.S. Capitol; the same location where the President of the United States takes the oath of office!
Faith & Action has been a co-sponsor of this unique event for over 20 years. This program is vital because it enables all those in and around the U.S. Capitol to hear the Word of God. It is our hope and prayer that the Lord will use this outreach to plant the seed of faith into the hearts of our leaders and their staff here in Washington, D.C.
We would love for you to be involved! This year’s event starts on April 30th and goes to May 4th, ending on the National Day of Prayer. You can be a part of this unique and powerful event by praying for us, volunteering to come and read, and by supporting the event with your very generous, tax-deductible contribution! In fact, you can sign up to be a member of our Extended Missionary Team by making a monthly pledge by CLICKING HERE.   
Thank you again for all you do to help us share the Gospel in Washington, D.C., and thank you for caring about every one of our nation’s leaders (and their staff too) and those in our nation’s capital.
On Behalf of Your Faith & Action Ministry Team,

Mrs. Peggy Nienaber
Vice President of Operations
Faith and Action in the Nation’s Capital

P.S. Your special Bible Marathon gift of $50, $100, $250, $500 or more is needed now and will be deeply appreciated!

Faith & Action’s Passover Seder (2017)

Rev. Rob Schenck draws from his Jewish background to preside at a traditional Passover Seder (pronounced Say’dar) meal, similar to the one Jesus celebrated with his disciples in the Upper Room before His Passion.

Faith & Action Easter Outreach 2017

“In spite of what we see in the media, Congress is made up of real people, human beings with the same spiritual needs as everyone else. For them, the Easter season is, as it is for most of the rest of us, a special time when they’re thinking of God and spiritual things in an unusual way. We want to touch them with the GOSPEL at that moment,” said Rev. Rob Schenck, President and Lead Missionary at Faith & Action.

Each Easter, our missionary team arranges the hand-delivery of a special Easter packet to every one of the 535 members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. In this way, we share the Good News of Christ’s resurrection power to forgive sin with all our lawmakers–and, we give them a way to remember that message all year long! We’re thankful to have our wonderful student interns help put together a special letter and special inaugural gospel booklet to be hand-delivered to congress members. If you’re interested in receiving an inaugural gospel booklet, please contact Patty at 202-734-8732 or email [email protected]

Rev. Schenck explains, “When it comes to making deliveries to Congress, we must be very careful to adhere to the rules that control what items of value a member of Congress can ethically or legally receive. We need to be prayerfully creative because the physical presentation of the packet needs to reflect the substance of its message, but it can’t be construed as exceeding a certain very low dollar value. Congressional staff people often use that threshold as an excuse to reject the packet. We don’t ever want to give them that excuse, or give critics ammunition to attack recipients.”  

This Left Capitol Hill Speechless (Live Nativity 2016)

When two real, live camels, a donkey, and sheep make their way to the United States Supreme Court, it leaves people speechless and staring in disbelief, but . . .

When live animals are accompanied by a dozen actors in costume portraying Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus (a real, live, cooing baby), people stop in their tracks and stare—they reach for their cameras and start videoing—and they call their friends and coworkers and tell them to leave their offices and come see this thing . . .

And that’s just what happened yesterday when your Faith and Action missionary team staged our annual Live Nativity on Capitol Hill here in Washington, D.C.

You should have seen the people pouring out of their offices—including at the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court—to watch the Christmas drama unfold in front of them!

And they didn’t just see it, they heard it—the whole gospel story read aloud, summarized in the words of the angel to the shepherds, “For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11)

As beautiful as this whole Christmas pageant was this year (as it has been every year), the real attention-getter was our Little Drummer Boy, portrayed by eight-year-old Gabriel Elijah Stephen Ross. He and Baby Jesus (portrayed by three-month-old Aivleen Crowne) really “stole the show!”

Your generous donations made this year’s highly successful Live Nativity on Capitol Hill possible. You reminded our top government officials in Washington D.C. what is the real meaning of the CHRIST-mas season!

Now we need your help again to ensure that the Live Nativity on Capitol Hill will continue next year! Please make your special tax-deductible contribution now by using the DONATE button at the top of this email! (You may also call in your gift to 202-546-8329 or mail it to Faith and Action, 109 2nd St NE, Washington, D.C. 20002).

Thank you for giving our nation’s capital city the best Christmas gift of all: The true CHRIST-mas Gospel!

Your Christmas missionary to Washington, D.C.,

Rob Schenck


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Join Me and Dietrich Bonhoeffer this Christmas!

You’re invited to join me on a personal spiritual journey with one of the great Christian heroes of recent times, the young German Lutheran pastor, and martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. You may know the story about how Pastor Bonhoeffer spoke out against Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. He paid for his bravery with his life. But dying for the testimony of Christ was not Bonhoeffer’s only act of Christian witness. He was a powerful preacher, a brilliant biblical scholar, and a moral philosopher. 

You can benefit from this extraordinary minister’s insights by reading with me a series of Christmas devotionals during the season of Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Reading Bonhoeffer this year couldn’t be more timely. We’re facing challenges today similar to those that Bonhoeffer and his contemporaries faced—and we can all use the wisdom of his great legacy. I hope you, your family, friends, and fellow church members will join me in this Christmas devotional journey. Here’s how you can do it:

First, go to, pick P&R Schenck Associates in Evangelism Inc, as your designated charity, and buy a copy—or copies—of God is in the Manger: Reflections on Advent and Christmas by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Then, beginning Sunday, November 27, check in each day at our website,, and listen to my “Christmas with Bonhoeffer” podcast, as I read through each day’s devotional selection. 

It was 42 years ago that I first read Dietrich Bonhoeffer—and I’ve been reading him ever since. I even did some of my doctoral work regarding Bonhoeffer on church and state. You’re sure to love Bonhoeffer’s work, too.

Please join me this Christmas season as we spend prayerful time with one of the great Christian figures of our era! Go to today, pick as your designated charity “P&R Schenck Associates in Evangelism Inc,” place in the search field “God is in the Manger” and buy your copy today, so you have it in time for Christmas—and invite others to join you! Tell your family, friends, fellow church members, Sunday school classmates, and home Bible study participants that you plan to join Dietrich Bonhoeffer for Christmas! (God is in the Manger would make an excellent early Christmas gift!)

We’ll get started on Sunday, November 27—the first day of Advent—and read together daily until Christmas Eve. I look forward to sharing this deep, spiritual experience with you, as we learn from one of God’s great servants, Dietrich Bonhoeffer!

Yours in Christ the Lord,

Rev. Rob Schenck

40 Days of Prayer – Day 40

Day 40 of our 40 Days of Prayer vigil leading up to Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th.

Receive 40 Days of Prayer Booklet:

Our faith is firmly planted in Jesus Christ. We understand that the Lord hears our prayers and that His will is always accomplished. No matter the outcome of this year’s election, we need to understand that God is in control of all that is happening in the world. We need to continue to pray– without ceasing – for the new president and their administration; for the leaders of our nation, including the Supreme Court Justices; for the moral fabric of our nation and that the church can be a bright light in our dark culture; and for the global unrest we see all around us.

But we also ask that you pray for your missionary team, Faith & Action in the Nation’s Capital, that we may bring the truth, hope, and peace of the Gospel to this new administration and to Congress, the Supreme Court, and our nation’s military. We covet your prayers and are ready to minister to all the new faces that are now in Washington, D.C.

We pray that you are encouraged and strengthened by the Lord Jesus Christ as together we reach our communities, our nation, and our world for Christ.

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