Our Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs at Faith & Action are built upon a timeless witness to Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6); attested to in Holy Scripture and lived out through His people. We are a Christian missionary outreach to elected and appointed officials in Washington, DC, throughout our country, and around the world. Our message begins with the two Great Commandments: To Love God and Love Your Neighbor. (Mark 12: 29 – 31)

While Faith and Action may comment on a particular public policy initiative, legislative proposal, or nomination, we do not regularly engage in lobbying and we never endorse candidates for public office. Faith and Action is also non-partisan and treats all people equally, regardless of their political affiliations. We are a non-profit, religious / charitable corporation with an exclusively religious mission. Our programs place a strong emphasis on the public acknowledgement of God, the importance of prayer, evangelization, pastoral care, Christian instruction,and respect for the sanctity and dignity of life, marriage and the family, and religious freedom.