Our Unique Mission Field

The missionary outreaches at Faith and Action are targeted specifically toward our nation’s public policy makers and particularly to Capitol Hill.  We believe such a narrowly targeted effort is the most effective method for accomplishing our mission – to challenge our leaders with Biblical TRUTH. We are, therefore, focused on “challenging” 2,604 specific individuals across all three major branches of the government.  First, there are the 54 individuals in the federal Judicial branch. They include the nine Justices of the United States Supreme Court, their clerks,and assistants. We also work vigorously to educate and inform all the other members of the federal judiciary as well as the justices of the various Sate Supreme Courts.  Second, we reach out to over 50 individuals in the executive branch, including the President and Vice-President as well as their staff members and closest advisors. We also reach out to the various departments of the executive branch including Justice and Defense. Third, we strive to minister to over 2,500 individuals in the legislative branch.  These include the Senators and Representatives themselves as well as staff members and their closest advisors.

We recognize the uniqueness of our field of ministry (we are the ONLY missionary outreach located directly on Capitol Hill just across the street from the United States Supreme Court) and daily express our thanks to God for the unparalleled access He’s given us to our national public policy makers. It is not without great expense, both in terms of the sheer financial costs (just the cost of a cab in Washington, DC is expensive) as well as the physical toll it takes upon our staff. But our team of dedicated missionaries is commited to our calling and work tirelessly to advance the Gospel on Capitol Hill.


The US Capitol: Faith and Action Ministers to Members of the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, and Their Staffs

The US Supreme Court: Faith and Action is the ONLY Ministry Effectively Impacting the Federal Judiciary

The White House: Faith and Action Is Only Minutes From the White House and Often Reaches Out to Members of the Administration


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